CCR Board of Directors

Blaine E. Tolby, MD, PhD, President, Child and Adolescent Clinic Pediatrician

Ronald A. Lehto, MS, NCC, Vice President, Mental Health Therapist

Aloma Thomas, Coordinator/Record Secretary, Woods Logging Administrative Assistant

Deanna Quick, Treasurer, Futcher Group

J’aime Graff, Parent Support and Education, Love and Logic Instruction, Rose Valley Academy

Erin Harnish, MD, Parent Support and Education, PeaceHealth Pediatrician

Lindy Campbell, RN, Children’s Medical Fund

Kathy Patterson, Administrative Assistant Child and Adolescent Clinic

Paul Batzle, Retired School Psychologist

Karen Lawrence, Guardian Ad Litem, KL Group Inc

Heidi Thompson, Longview Assistant City Attorney

Stephanie Toms, RN, Kelso School District Nurse

Amy Allen, Kaiser Permanente Navigator

Phyllis M Cavens, MD, Emeritus Past President

Pat Kubin, Past President